Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back to Bangalore!!!

You never know what life has got in store for you! That was the case with me too. I did not have the slightest idea that I will be posted back to Bangalore, where I started my career.

Life was smooth in Cochin. Riding on my Pulsu (Pet name of my bike :-) ) to office was a fun affair. Even if it was a hectic day at office, it never used to bother me. Everything changed in a couple of days. One phone call, couple of emails...then voila I was asked to report in Bangalore within a couple of days. It was kind of a shock to me. Not that I don't like Bangalore, (I even had turned down an offer to go to Cochin during my first year in Bangalore!) I was so used to my life in Cochin and I dreaded the transfer like anything.

The first time in Bangalore was kind of voluntary. I was very happy to be in Bangalore, may be because it was my first job, the climate and the spirit for adventure. The first stint in Bangalore was something memorable, the kind of stuff which can be made in to a movie. Well that's a different story altogether.

Going back to Bangalore was hard because I was so much in love with my home town. I felt like a child who was being sent away to a boarding school. Adding to that the new project was entirely new to me. But I had no other option.

And finally on April 7th I arrived in Bangalore to start my second stint in the IT haven. As expected the new project was a pretty tight one. So tight that it was very hard to adjust. I could call my old friends only after a month. It was by Grace of God that I could overcome all obstacles of the most difficult three to four months of my career. Slowly I limped back to my Normal life...

The second stint in Bangalore taught me many useful lessons in life :
- Keeping Faith in God in every kind of situation
- The art of bouncing back from where you fell
- Adjusting to Pressure cooker like situations
- Taking Negative feedback with a smile etc.

Now having completed six months in Bangalore, my dream is to go back to where I came from, back to my love (my home town :-)) who like me will be missing those cherished moments...

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