Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The story of Six packs

1st Half
The Director’s mobile rang. It was the superstar…Hello…Sir, its ready…A feeling of joy overcame the director’s face. ”Great” he replies without hiding his joy. We’ll start the promotions from tomorrow itself.

All the channels reported the flash news: “Superstar to flaunt his ‘Six pack’ in next movie” in various colorful ways. There were live discussions on how the superstar managed to get himself ‘The Six Pack’. There were even doubts on the number of ‘packs’. Experts commented on the various techniques the star might have used. All were anxious whether the news was true.

As the anticipation rose, rival stars dismissed it as mere publicity stunt. The superstar was not going to sit silently. He and his director called for a Live News conference. All types of stupid questions were asked and every question got even more stupid answers from the star. Now it was time for the star to show his asset. He unbuttoned his shirt one by one and the six pack was finally revealed. It was not clearly visible due to heavy flashing of cameras. He counted his packs from one to six. No one had doubts of its authenticity. The popularity of the star soared skywards. Many films were signed on the same day. Directors added car wash scenes and exercise scenes to already signed films. The number of new members in the Gyms sky rocketed. Small kids started demanding ‘Six packs’ for their next birthday. Actresses started hunger strike for losing their item numbers.

The Six pack frenzy continued for over two weeks. By then the new pack was compared with every other pack that existed in the industry. The actresses who lost their item numbers to the six pack had developed ‘zero figure’ within that time. The six pack was thus sent back to the pavilion…but to return within a short interval…

2nd Half

The reporter was furious. He was assigned to a village for preparing a report on the drought and scarcity. The six pack effect hadn’t left him completely. He suspected a colleague’s hand in his new posting.
It was almost day break when he arrived at the village. It was a typical Indian village, the Rooster just finished its legendary alarm signal. A man just came out of his thatched hut. He is only wearing his ‘dhoti’. What the hell? The reporter couldn’t believe his eyes. The villager had a complete six pack, even though it didn’t have the glamour of the star’s packs. He thought for a moment that the whole village was a shooting set and the villager was an actor. He returned from his thoughts. More and more villagers emerged from there huts with their tools for their work. Each one of them had six packs even though weak from the famine that had affected the village. He immediately pulled his mobile to call the channel headquarters. He cursed the mobile operator when he found that there was no signal. He manages to get back to the channel headquarters by evening. After a small discussion with his superior, he comes out with a smiling face. After two day the channel aired the documentary on the village: “Six pack village”. No one mentioned the words drought, scarcity or famine. Long live ‘Six packs’!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inflation - A mini story

He seemed disturbed after calculating his monthly expenses. Inflation surely was eating into his ‘middle class’ salary. He took a cigarette out of the pack, thought for couple of moments and put it back in to the pack. He began to think of cost cutting measures…
He had two sons aged 10 and 7 and his wife did not have a job. House rent, children’s education, food….no chance of cost cutting. He was getting desperate. Then suddenly he struck upon an idea. It’s a bit cruel but I have to do it he thought. He made up his mind and called his two sons who were playing. He informed his wife that they will be back within an hour or so. On the way also his mind was calculating. This might be little hard on this months budget but on the long run its fine he consoled himself. The boys surely did not like the place their father took him. But after some pressure they agreed. Finally they entered the Barber shop and came out with clean shaven heads. His head was now clear both inside and outside. Once again he calculated : 25X3=75 rupees saved per month for at least 4 -5 months. Damn inflation!