Friday, January 16, 2009

Who am I?

I have eyes but still I can’t see
Anything beyond my computer screen
I have ears but I still can’t hear
The screams and cries of the oppressed and poor
I have my limbs intact but what’s the use?
I have a heart but where’s the love?

My body is free but my mind is in prison
But I don’t care, I didn’t ask for the reason
Someone told me that I can change this world
But I guess I have no time left for that
I am busy enjoying my life to the max
I think that’s what’s told to my imprisoned mind

I still haven’t told who I am
I am none other than today’s Youth
Even though I am in deep slumber
At times I get a feeling something’s not right
May be I need to free my mind
And change the world before I am no longer me!